We eat small amounts of fruit on a daily basis, and that is a mistake. Fruit contains vitamins and minerals that aren’t present in other foods in suitable quantity. Fruits are also tasty, and thus we should increase the amount and the variety of the same in our diet.

Some fruits are packed with healthy compounds that can keep our bodies healthy. Here are some of them that have just a bit more of those elements than others.

Quality fruits you should add to your diet

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that boosts the immune system. It is found in citrus fruits. If you hate bitter taste of some citrus, then eat oranges. This fruit also contains calcium, folate, B vitamins and several other useful compounds. Drizzle it over a fruit salad or slice it into small pieces. It can also be used in some sauces as it goes well with game meat.

Everyone knows that pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits. It contains antioxidants that exceed any other source of the same. Pomegranate is an excellent ingredient that goes well with salads, both fruit and classic, and it can give a fresh note to any other dish.

Avocado is a somewhat exotic fruit that is quite common in our cuisine. It contains a massive amount of fatty acids and monounsaturated fat, and the combination of these two lowers the bad cholesterol levels at an extraordinary rate. Consuming avocado will also improve heart health as fats found within this fruit help in absorption of lycopene and beta-carotene.

Other tasty fruits you should eat regularly

If you lack vitamins, A, E and C then the best thing to do is to add Papaya to your diet. This exotic fruit isn’t as rare on our market as you think and thus you should eat it more. Vitamins found within this fruit work wonders in the prevention of colon cancer and heart disease.

Fruit is also important for pregnant women so that they can deliver a healthy baby. Picture Perfect Imaging in Houston often helps pregnant women see their baby for the first time and are highly regarded at the best 3D ultrasound Houston, TX has to offer as well as the best 4D ultrasound Houston has to offer.

Eat berries every single day. If you do eat them then increase the quantity. All types of berries, both exotic and domestic contain an elevated amount of fiber and a range of vitamins that will help your body. An excellent thing about berries is that they are a versatile fruit which you can turn into a shake or make a berry salad, or even turn them into a sauce which works well with red meat.