Almost every nutritionist advises not eating red meat because it hurts your body. If everyone listed to them then everyone would turn vegan and the majority of chefs would go out of business. You should listen to chefs more than you listen to nutritionists and that will give you a balanced diet that doesn’t cut back on your favorite food.

Red meat is a crucial element of a healthy diet

Every element found in the red meat is also present in vegetables and fruits which are why nutritionists advise against its consumption. But when you compare the quantity of the food that you have to eat to consume enough of vitamins and other elements then you will see why the red meat is so necessary on a diet.

You can live without eating meat, but that will force you to adapt to some things that aren’t possible without meat. First of all, you will have less strength and stamina, and that will limit the array of activities you will be able to perform.

If you want to be slim, then you will have to take supplements to compensate for the lack of vitamins, metals, and minerals that meat provides. The other option is to eat an enormous amount of vegetables and train for several hours per day.

Healthy red meat you should consume

Beef is a healthy meat if you know which cut to consume. Loin, sirloin cuts and round are the leanest pieces that contain an enormous amount of saturated fat (healthy fat). Don’t jump the train and buy “prime” cuts as they contain a larger quantity of fat (they are tastier than other cuts, but we are discussing health benefits in this post) and opt for “select” or “choice.”

Bison and buffalo meat cuts are similar in taste, but bison contains less fat and more nutrients per ounce. Eating bison meat is a must for anyone who wants to live healthily and still eat meat because it includes a lot of iron, niacin, selenium and half a dozen of other useful nutrients. You can eat buffalo meat as well as it also contains same nutrients, just in smaller quantity.