Fruits are healthy, and that is something that everyone knows. Some fruit has powerful acids, while others pack a lot of vitamins that support the health. But not all fruit is the same, and thus some of it is more potent than other. Every person is interested in products that will give them the most when compared to quantity and price. We will focus on fruits that are just a bit more valuable (when it comes to health benefits) than the everyday products you eat.

Super fruits you see in every market

Limes, Tangerines and other citrus fruits are packed with fiber and vitamin C. They also have traces of disease-fighting chemicals that your body needs. Vitamin C is a powerful element that prevents age spots and prevents the effects that arise due to sun damage.

The majority of citrus plants are sour, and it’s unpleasant to eat them raw, but they are excellent in salads and non-alcoholic drinks. Just take a lemon and lime, squeeze their juice, add water and there you have a shot of goodness.

The intense red color of cherries comes from the anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. Consuming cherries will lower cholesterol and triglyceride count, and it will counter inflammation. It is also a perfect fruit for those that want to lose weight and follow the alkaline diet. Fruits also go well with alkaline water and the fresh water you get from reverse osmosis water systems.

Cherries are sweet so you can eat them raw. Another option is to make a fruit salad.

Less common super fruits

Acai Berries are dark—blue collared berries that hail from Brazil. They have a bitter taste and extremely high levels of antioxidants. It’s nearly impossible to find them fresh, but powered version is available in health food markets. The bitter taste of Acai isn’t for everyone, so it’s best to add it to a smoothie.

Dragon fruit is a beautiful plant that has vibrant colors. The very look of this plant tells you that it’s special and it is. Its seeds are packed with fatty acids that our bodies can’t produce. We need these acids, especially the oleic acid, as it works on the cholesterol (increase the good one and lowers the bad cholesterol).

Kiwi is an exotic and yet quite familiar fruit that should be a part of everyone’s diet. It contains an extremely high amount of prebiotic carbohydrates and fiber at research showed that it counters IBS aka irritable bowel syndrome quite well.